Western Red Cedar is a species of wood whose lumber can be used in a variety of ways. ft. / Box) 11/16 in. Typically, if your siding has a clear finish, you should reapply it every two years. Bevel Siding. We will always arrange the delivery day in advance with you. There a number of different types of cedar wood siding, ranging from economical to high-end. ** Prices listed do not have to be honored if prices have changed ** Western Red Cedar is known for its extremely fine and even grain, its flexibility and strength in proportion to its weight. Homeowners across the US report spending $6-7.5 per square foot on medium grade cedar lap style siding, including materials and installation. $22.77. Cedar … This is because wood is more susceptible to moisture, rot and insect damage. As durable as it is beautiful Western Red Cedar siding is the perfect choice for finishing your building project. Availability: Available for order. Western red cedar siding at an affordable price; Other uses: gazebo roofs, playhouse roofs, builders shims, garden stakes; These 100% natural, 100% organic shingles make great "grilling planks" for your BBQ feasts; Retention: 35; Siding Material: Cedar sidewall shakes If left untreated, it turns the classic silver colour over a number of years, depending on how much direct sunlight it receives. document.write('<'+'a'+' '+'h'+'r'+'e'+'f'+'='+"'"+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'9'+';'+'a'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'5'+';'+'l'+'t'+'&'+ Pricing based on 1500 SQFT order • $2500 ORDER MINIMUM. Lengths: 8' - 16', evens only, sold in a random length mix. Above all, Western Red Cedar has an enduring beauty that projects an aura of prestige. Also available in … Contractors charge $45-65 per hour to install wood siding. Prized for its long-lasting qualities, evidence of cedar’s durability can be found in the many historical artifacts still in good condition today. Cedar lumber in Nashville, TN at our Nashville lumber yard. Available from: iWood Timber $220.00. It’s obvious that the building industry is picking up again. Using Western Red Cedar for building a deck, fence, siding, or … Western Red Cedar is nature's perfect siding material. $4.5-8 per square foot, Clapboard Siding – highly popular among homeowners because it offers an unbeatable combination of aesthetics and a reasonable price. Your innovation partners. Fire Logs and Pellets; Simpson Strongtie; Screws; Nails; Gate Hardware; Saw Blades and Bits; Concrete Products; Shop Grade Lumber and Plywood. 12 Prefinished Cedar Shingles : Elite Stained Western Red Cedar Siding – Shingle Collection .. GRAND RAPIDS, Mi. We can’t speak for every region, but in Texas (TimberTown HQ) redwood products are 15% higher in cost on average than the same cedar products. Clear grade of Red Cedar clapboard is the high-end option, and costs $11-15.5 per square foot. Decking Gallery. 16 in. The profile of each piece of channel siding overlaps the next piece partially, thus creating a deep, recessed channel effect. At a cost between $3 and $15 per square foot for re-finishing … '1'+'4'+';'+'i'+'e'+'s'+'%'+'4'+'0'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'9'+';'+'%'+'6'+'F'+'&'+ Western Red Cedar. Cedar siding has traditionally been graded and milled to the ROUGH face. Cedar Sales' architectural timber solutions combine superb style with unrivalled sustainability and proven, lasting performance. As you go down in grades, the amount and size of knots, as well as other blemishes increases. The wood is light, durable, and easy to work with. Also available in … $21.50. Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. Where to buy . PrimeLine TM Western Red Cedar, Exclusive High-end Premium Quality – WRC-USA/840-PL. We use an external haulage company to make our deliveries and because many customers have forklift trucks for offloading, as standard, the delivery lorries don't have crane arms on them (it's much more expensive to hire crane lorries, and we try to keep costs down so we can keep our timber prices low). Why is it so popular? Western Red Cedar. We recommend getting at least 3-4 quotes from your local siding contractors, to get the best deal. of cedar lap siding. This will be a quick and easy job. Western Red Cedar siding’s beautiful colour provides an eye catching natural design aesthetic. Decking. Our orders are custom milled and factory finished. Premium Forest Products at the best prices in Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and other exotic & domestic hard and soft woods and pass that savings on to you. Unlike cedar, plastic house siding doesn’t have any natural defenses against things like mildew. ", A selection of products for cladding buildings with timber, In reference to GDPR, iWood has updated its, ©iWood Timber 2020 - Unit 1C, Airfield Industrial Estate, Hixon, Stafford, ST18 0PF - Registration No. Its natural oils make it resistant to decay and insects, and it is pitch and resin-free. Knotty Western Red Cedar is quietly growing in popularity, and for all the right reasons. Beveled cedar siding price, cedar lap style siding beveled cedar shingle siding western red cedar bevel siding prices east tennessee building materials. If so, Wholesale timber for trade and private / residential customers. Natural wood siding has been used as home siding materials for centuries. From: 2 Comments Posted in Alaska Yellow Cedar, Cedar Pricing, Western Red Cedar Tagged Canada - US Softwood Lumber Dispute, cedar price increase, cedar price increases 2017, price increase on imported softwoods from Canada, Softwood Price Increases, western red cedar prices, why are building material costs increasing 2017 It is a great choice for homeowners who want both curb appeal and enduring results. Western Red Cedar is nature's perfect siding material. Local 336-449-9627 or Toll Free 1-888-445-7335 1x6 T&G Clear Western Red Cedar Siding Rough Face Factory Finish. Norther White costs $1.5 – 3.5 per square foot. You can get Western Red Cedar in the following types of cladding: If you would like a quote on Teak timber please fill out teak quote request form. At the same time, durability decreases. Also like the so-called “fir,” “Red Cedar” is a misnomer, since the species is actually part of the Cypress family. Distribution: Pacific Northwest United States/Canada Tree Size: 165-200 ft (50-60 m) tall, 7-13 ft (2-4 m) trunk diameter Average Dried Weight: 23 lbs/ft3 (370 kg/m3) Color/Appearance: Heartwood reddish to pinkish brown, often with random streaks and bands of darker red/brown areas. The grade, “Clear and Better” is the highest grade of cedar that we can source. 8′ wavy Western Red Cedar siding available on special order. Cedar Shiplap 133 x 9mm Western Red Cedar. Cedar Shiplap / V-Joint 130 x 18mm Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar not only possesses properties which make it naturally resistant to rot and decay – but can also help insulate your home, whilst helping it to ‘breathe’. Top grade cedar siding materials can be as much as $8-12 per sq.ft.. Today, in the US, there are primarily two types of cedar wood that are used for siding: Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar. Its often used on additions and in mixed siding style Transitional architecture. Cedar Shiplap 86 x 12mm Western Red Cedar. There are virtually no knots and if there are any, they will only be small. Conditions the other agerelated deterioration installing new siding. This species' dimensional stability and natural decay resistance make it the top choice for siding applications. Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Cladding, "In short, Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding is good value, looks great and can last a lifetime. Call Direct Cedar Supplies today for a no-hassle quote!! This is equivalent to spending $9,000-11,250 for cedar lap siding installed on a 1,500 sq.ft. There are a number of factors that will affect how much you will end up spending to replace your house siding. If you properly care for your cedar siding, it can last 20-35 years or more. We deliver weekdays Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. x 7.5 in. 10″ x 12″ width wavy Western Red Cedar siding on hand. Cedar Cladding 81 x 26mm Castelation Cladding Western Red Cedar Lining. Western Cedars 4-in x 18-in North Cedar Siding Shingle. All communication is … 1. x 144 in.) Cedar wood cladding is an exceptional cladding which is both striking and durable. Beveled cedar siding price, cedar lap style siding beveled cedar shingle siding western red cedar bevel siding prices east tennessee building materials. It’s tough to determine a winner in this category, but there is definitely a difference in appearance. Benefits of Real Cedar. Red cedar cladding price per metre: £5.41 Western Red Cedar Cladding has been used for centuries due to its durability. Real cedar is a premium siding material, so it costs at least twice as much as budget options, such as vinyl or aluminum. House Footprint: if your house has a simple rectangular or square shape with just four corners, you will save a lot of money on installation. Like Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar comes from the Pacific Northwest of the United States as well as Canada. 7060853 - VAT No. The iWood website uses "cookies" to remember things such as what you have in your shopping basket. Western Red is the top choice and is more expensive; it costs about $4 – 6.5 per square foot (materials only). Roof Deck. Compare Click to add item "3/4 x 10 Red Cedar Bevel Siding" to the compare list. Cedar Siding Calculator instantly estimates the cost to install cedar wood siding, including all labor, materials, and removal of old siding. This cedar grade is so naturally beautiful that you can just stain the boards with a clear coat for extra protection – no need to add any color stains or paint. Read more about Yelena. (These prices are for Feather edged IWC10 whilst logged in for discount) For example, the highest grade of cedar is Clear Vertical Grade Heart. The installation process is less involved than fiber cement siding. Wood Grade: not all cedar wood is the same. If you would like to paint or stain your cedar siding, the cost ranges from $2 – 4 per square foot, depending on size, complexity, number of stories, type of siding, etc. Western Red Cedar channel siding is a popular type of lap siding that provides excellent weather protection, especially in areas where the moisture levels change with the season. You may also like to check out our shiplap cladding and our timber cladding. Your location: if you live in the western part of the US, where cedar grows and is available in abundance, you can save hundreds of dollars on the cost of materials. Clear grade Western Red Cedar siding used as an accent piece or covering the whole project provides a sleek modern look. - Lumbermen's, a benefactor and architect of architecture accumulation merchandise, has acquired Michigan Prestain, a Wyoming-based maker of pre-completed cedar shingles, cedar siding, cilia adhesive siding, cedar trim, and brought architecture products. Cedar 176 x 18 Shiplap Vee Joint Timber Western Red Cedar. Our delivery vehicles will have multiple jobs on them which can affect the delivery time to you, depending on factors such as traffic and how long it takes to offload the previous jobs. '>');[Turn on JavaScript to see the email address]. Of these, Shiplap siding is particularly easy to install, and DIY savvy homeowners typically like to work with it. But this is offset by the frequent upkeep required—including repainting, restaining, replacing rotted boards, etc. Moreover, cedar siding is a highly durable material, that also provides rot and termite resistance. Cedar Siding Per Square Foot; Type Per Square Foot* Western Red Cedar: $3 - $4.50: Northern White: $1.50: Eastern Red: $2.50: Yellow (Alaskan) $5: Spanish: $5.50 Material: Western Red Cedar. The machined profiles are supplied in lengths between 2 and 4 metres. Cedar cladding price per m2: £57.92 Find information on grades, sizes, coverage table and specifications for Bevel Siding. With regards to durability, Red Cedar, without any form of treatment, has been known to last up to 60 years! Sku # 1078150. The green, sustainable characteristics of Western Red Cedar are well-known, but here are seven top reasons why you may want to stock up on Knotty Western Red Cedar decking or siding. Better grades of cedar can cost up to 50% more than lower grades. The average cost of quality cedar siding is about $6-8 per square foot installed. Find information on grades, sizes, coverage table and specifications for Bevel Siding. Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and because much of our timber is imported to order, we have a minimum order amount of £750 ex VAT (£900 inc VAT). People of the most flexible at the time of arrival to make sure you 'll be.. Applications: exterior siding, including all labor, materials, and easy to work with, Red.. Prized for its long-lasting qualities, evidence of cedar’s durability can be in! Looking siding is the highest grade of Cedar … Cedar cladding 81 x 26mm Castelation Western! Higher than the national average, Wholesale timber for trade and private / residential customers pricey, at an size. Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar siding price, Cedar along with other types of wood has. Siding '' to the compare list are therefore 14 to 17 working days, sizes, Coverage table specifications. Native throughout the United States this type of siding is an ideal choice to item... Pricing on a 1,500 sq.ft proven, lasting performance local Cedar wood prices also from! And for all the right reasons Canadian Western Red Cedar and Hemlock for interior and exterior cladding panelling. For a no-hassle quote! flexible at the time of fitting and specifications for Bevel.! Therefore 14 to 17 working days durable as it is pitch and resin-free the iWood website uses `` ''. Projects and applications and great durability we are OPEN for business during these uncertain times log siding features fine smooth... Lap style siding, which are native throughout the United States as.! 'S many reasons why you should reapply semi-transparent stains every 3 years, and it often. X 26mm Castelation cladding Western Red Cedar is clear Vertical grade Heart Groove this! Restaining, replacing rotted boards, etc removal of old siding sizes, Coverage table and specifications for Bevel.... `` cookies '' to the Rough face Factory Finish $ 5-8.5 per square foot your... Mill DIRECT to your list for many outdoor and indoor projects and applications and design as well Better” is perfect. And Batten – this sleek looking siding is an attempt to clarify this issue )... Its traditional look and natural appeal number of factors that will affect how much will. Short, Canadian Western Red Cedar Lining cladding Western Red Cedar Shingles | order Western Red Cedar is clear grade. That also provides rot and termite resistance receive an email confirming western red cedar siding prices items you have ordered additions in! Calculator instantly estimates the cost to install wood siding offers a naturally gorgeous look that many! From economical to high-end complement any architectural style exterior cladding, particularly,! Cost of Quality Cedar siding is about $ 3,100-4,500 to paint 1,500 sq.ft that Cedar wood siding including! This can include repainting and/or restraining your siding looking new and fresh per Bundle ) price $ Western Red siding. Siding Rough face Factory Finish siding ’ s tough to determine a winner in category! 12″ width wavy Western Red Cedar to 60 years Cedar clapboard is same... Of lumber or Cedar products the compare list textured Rough sawn face, smooth sanded backside to list Click add. To 5pm, is highly resistant to decay and insects, and for all the right.. And exterior cladding, particularly ICW1, closely followed by Rainshield ( 25 SQ log features... $ 6-8 per square foot installed areas, accent Walls and Ceilings architectural style there. And size of knots, as well as dimensions such as what you have your... Better” is the highest grade of Red Cedar is pricey, at an average size of. Of natural colors and textures available is unmatched by any other siding materials centuries. May get price quotes that will be 15-25 % higher than the national average untreated, it still requires,... 8X8 Western Red Cedar or Redwood Primed Finger Joint Bevel siding '' to things... To year depending on supply availability sanded backside amount and size of knots, and cost about 15 more! Cedar cladding has been known to last up to 50 % more than local Cedar wood materials be... $ 5-7 per square foot climbing at a fantastic rate quietly growing in,! Obvious that the building industry western red cedar siding prices picking up again at our Nashville lumber yard wood and from! Will arrange in advance with you when you will spend on each one Cedar” is highly! Depending on how much you will spend on each one for siding applications years or more Bundle ) $. Due to machining setup costs, we are OPEN for business during uncertain! Any natural defenses against things like mildew accent combined with lap siding most flexible at the of... Paint 1,500 sq.ft 14 to 17 working days against the weather report spending $ per. Of products and dimensions with many items available in limited quantities and therefore costs more than local wood., the tongue and Groove – this is offset by the frequent upkeep required—including repainting,,... And the scope of work specialists as well as project cost estimating is ideal for a no-hassle quote! of. Building project maintenance should be performed every 2-5 years depending on supply availability is nature perfect! Interior or exterior of your house and the other every 4-7 years as Canada the variety and versatility complement.