This pistol has an easy single-button takedown system that you’ll love every time you are out in the range. It is a very easy .22 to operate, especially for a novice. Ruger has a penchant for developing innovative guns and then sticking with the platform for many years. This .22 Pistol is more than 2.5 lbs. Check them out. Ruger is based out of Northern Arizona in Prescott. This is also a very potent small and intermediate sized game hunting pistol and can be used to great effect on that arena. Best Overall: Ruger LCR .22 LR. The original, and most intuitive style of pistol, this is the best option for those who are new to firearms, or want a very straightforward, easy to understand firearm. and boasts a 5.9 inch barrel with excellent sights and dual mounting rails. The classic SAA (Single Action Army) design is a nod to firearms from a bygone era, but the modern production methodology is very much on the leading edge. The Ruger’s patented transfer bar makes it safe even on a full cylinder. You need only one tool to take the gun apart for cleaning as well as for barrel change. There are a few weak points, with the construction including the magazine catch and the barrel tip up spring, so you may have to replace those and check them to ensure they are working from time to time. If your gun drops and hits the hammer, it will go bang! The spine of the grip can also be modified between three different styles. Back in 1960, when the .22 Magnum rimfire round was introduced, a large part of its appeal was due to a simple claim. Your converted pistol will offer a longer barrel, additional contact points, better controllability, and improved precision. revolver, your GP100 will neither be compact nor lightweight. POTUS? Only in an extreme survival situation would we eve advocate for something like that. It is said that Beretta has supplied firearms in every major European war since 1650, having been founded in 1526. NAA LLR Revolver. Other than that, this is an amazing gun, easy to manipulate and fun to shoot for extended periods. The PMR-30 is adorned with a rear fiber optic sight and a Hi-Viz adjustable front-sight as well as an integrated picatinny rail allowing users to attach their choice of accessories. Unlike other revolvers you might have gotten used to, the cylinder on this gun doesn’t swing out for loading. See more ideas about magnum, hand guns, guns. But if you need this pistol to run like the wind – especially in self-defense situations – you’ll just have to stick to the costly premium-grade stuff, which are very reliable ammo to carry. Many male shooters who want a conceal carry weapon also prefer the small size and easy to use interface that a .22 pistol offers for personal protection. You can even find, if you look hard enough, a story about some hunter who killed a ridiculously large animal like a moose, with a .22 LR. Is .22 Magnum a good caliber for personal protection? Constitutional Conservative. While it’s not as light as most other handguns in our list, you’ll definitely appreciate how portable the 22/45 Lite is compared to its brothers in the Mark IV series. The only nits you might pick from the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite is that the front blade is black, which can be an issue when you’re trying to shoot a black bull’s eye. You cannot look at this Browning firearm while knowing anything about the history of the 1911 design or John Browning, and not get sentimental about the journey this design has had. If you know your guns, you’ll tell that this is the scaled-down version of the P99(a 9mm pistol). Connect With Us. 22 Magnum Pistol | 22 Magnum Handgun . … The .22 has very little recoil and therefore becomes an excellent choice for new shooters and woman who have small frames to shoot as potential self defense weapons. It is also finicky with ammo. The 132-year old .22 LR cartridge has been loaded into all kinds of pistols, rifles, and revolvers through the decades. Most pistols made new at factory can now be used with a suppressor with some basic modifications. Too big for a dedicated backup carry gun for most people. A great feel and nice fit and finish that has improved even upon the original fit and finish since the ownership change for the company. End Human Trafficking. I figure it’s a win-win. It’s possible to go long barrel or short barrel, though short is more common. Please note that it costs no less than other guns to produce a quality .22 firearm. Heritage Arms Rough Rider – Budget Revolver. Browning Buckmark. They will generally be heavier, have longer barrels and require more work at factory including the addition of certain design extras, which means they will almost always be more expensive. The Ruger SR22 was designed to be reliable right out of the box, not only to shoot premium high-velocity rounds but also your regular bulk box ammo. Best use: Target Shooting and muscle memory practice for your 9mm or 40 S&W or .357 Sig version of the Sig Sauer pistol. Their single stack, compact profile makes them reasonable pistols to carry. We found CCI mini mags to give the best performance with most .22 rimfire guns, and it’s no different with the Mark IV 22/45. Best AR Pistol: Smith & Wesson M&P. The Buck Mark features a fresh polished design and attractive aesthetics with about 20 different modes you can choose from. It generally makes an outstanding choice for a vast category of shooters. .22 firearms are some of the most popular firearms out there today. On one hand, your pistol won’t fire accidentally with the magazine removed, even if you forgot about the chambered round. This is the biggest PR piece from Kel-Tec in the last several years and represents an excellent bit of technology and innovation by a company that was already pretty good at innovation and new technology. You’ll love how the handle is checkered on both the front and back for firm gripping. MSRP: $429.99 | Your Price: $375.00. First imported into the United States in 1968, Taurus guns have a long history in the U.S. Markets as a producer of cloned Berettas and cloned Smith and Wesson’s, both produced under licensing arrangements or partnership agreements. Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to the best-rated .357 magnum revolvers from our list, too. There is much less trigger pressure in this mode than with Double Action (DA) mode. In stock Purchase Now ... Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox! It may not be the prettiest looking pistol with the futuristic design, but it’s very functional and brings a lot of value to the shooter including shooter centric perks like 2 - 10 round magazines included as part of the original package at purchase. Field stripping your Browning Buck Mark will be a challenge if you left your tools behind. It is durable, accurate and well made and inspires confidence in the round and in your own skillset. You can easily use the .22LR as a backup firearm for self-defense, or as is the case with many people who do not expect to need a firearm, but carry one anyways, or who must have the smallest or lightest gun for concealed carry, the .22LR can be a popular self-defense option. It is light and crisp with little travel. It’s cheap, fun and easy to do. It is truly an inexpensive, little rimfire revolver that’s really fun to shoot. Magazines can sometimes be hard to find, so buy them when you can, Single action, with similar concept to the 1911 model, A nice size between full size and compact that allows a wide range of hand sizes, Spot on 1911 replica and functionally exact, Some good additions that improve capability, May be a bit big for a primary carry gun, while still not offering impressive ballistics well-suited to the job, An excellent hunting gun choice, with the robust build quality and accuracy, Legacy type firearm that will last generations if properly cared for, Can feel a bit cheaper than the regular centerfire models I certain aspects, Very well made, built to last and capable of being passed from generation to generation, Great size and well built as a carry weapon, Simple, easy design that helps new shooters handle operational aspects of the firearm, Uses a design made famous by Beretta that is easy to learn and very intuitive, The barrel spring can be weak and break if not properly used, The gun has been around forever and remains virtually unchanged exception of a few creature comforts, Robust build quality made to be passed generationally if it is maintained properly, Crisp, light weight single action trigger set up, Simple, proven design that has a resume that is beyond impressive, Distinctive aesthetic that may not appeal to some, Relatively inexpensive and innovative at the same time, A good all-around performer for those who aren’t considering a .22 pistol purchase for concealed carry or self defense, starting to approach the higher pricing tiers, Excellent accuracy and intuitive design (since 1911), Great for carrying, but well balanced enough to use for any purpose from hunting to target practice, Strong build quality and made to last for a lifetime and beyond, Innovative and very nice for the build quality, even if it is mostly polymer, People who hate polymer won’t love this firearm, A bit more expensive than the other items in the NAA lineup, Great design that utilizes a modern take on the venerable 1911 design. The most recognizable cartridge in the world would likely be a .22LR; billions of rounds of the .22LR are produced each year by manufacturers everywhere in the world. The grip has a rubberized finish and has a small hump to help retain a better grip while firing. Unlike what you would expect from a .22 cal. Best use: Target shooting, fun, and as a legacy firearm to pass down through the generations. of energy. You don’t want to leave a round under the chamber with the safety in the off position. I like the fact that you can click several vendors to compare prices. What we love most about the Neos U22 is how easy it is to field strip. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 2.) The coolest, best dog collars for your best friend. Having the decocking safety on this pistol was very thoughtful for preventing any accidental firing. Its grip is comfortable, and the whole design makes it well-balanced for perfect shots. Rounds are loaded by rotating the cylinder which is in a fixed position. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This list does however represent some of the finest companies producing a large volume of .22 pistols and represents a good cross section of the available pistols on the market. Best use: Target shooting where accuracy is exceptionally important. This PT-22 is a great design that features a tip up barrel and is perfect for those with weak or small hands or for those who need to be trained how to keep in a state of operational awareness. Picking the best .22LR handgun might be confusing with so many choices on the market. In the case of this article, the guns on this list are overwhelmingly .22LR’s. Eley gives me an occasional fail to feed. This is incredibly important for hunting purposes, and for self defense purposes. You get to choose between the 4.5-inch and 6-inch barrels, which are both lightweight at under 37 ounces, perfect for younger shooters and older women. Pistols aren’t always as preferred for hunting as long guns are, but they are certainly suitable for the activity. Rest assured, with the choices on this list, there are no bad decisions to be made if you pick one of these guns. Reassembly is pretty much straight forward if you took it apart yourself. Christian. I love this pistol. We wish you luck in finding the perfect gun as you navigate through this list of some of the finest .22 pistols ever made, all available on the market currently. There is very little trigger travel on this revolver, making it easy to shoot more accurately. Pros. As far as accuracy and reliability go, your GP100 can eat various .22LR cartridges with zero problems. Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. If you don’t really need as much power as the 22-magnum rifle offers, I … This is a legacy quality firearm by a maker that has a ton of credibility and is famous for producing amazing .22 Pistols in all forms. Best use: Target Shooting and Self Defense. NAA revolvers are excellent pocket guns that can go anywhere you couldn’t normally use a larger gun. The barrel is threaded and can accept a suppressor or compensator. The rimfire pistol has a history of being cheap and low quality. The hammer can rest on a full chamber safely, due to the hammer lock and the small footprint and simple operation allows you to always be prepared. It all depends on the kind of .22 handgun you are using. If this isn’t your first GP100 handgun, you know it comes with a safety mechanism. It also represents a very high-end target firearm because the full-sized frame allows excellent control. The controls are all too familiar, easy to locate levers and trigger. Sig Sauer is a Swiss and German company comprised of two sister companies, one in each country of origin. That’s it. After you pass away of course, because this thing is amazing; you’ll want to use it until you cannot shoot anymore. Web Pro. The only autoloader known to us here at AGH in .22 Magnum is the KelTec PMR 30, which is roughly the same size as a 1911 Commander model. They were founded within fifty years of Columbus’s journey to the “new world” and they have a wealth of experience as a result of this longevity. The single action allows for “cocked and locked” carry. handguns offer decent performance at reasonable prices. Seriously good looks with the Colt Single Action Army heritage design, but on... 3. It would be an excellent choice for the elderly and people with disabilities who simply need a reliable firearm in self-defense situations. The drawback of Walther P22 is that it can be somewhat difficult to field strip and reassemble, requiring TWO different tools. You have threaded barrel options that can fit suppressors too. Built in imitation of the Colt Single Action Army, the … I probably have to mention that this revolver comes with a safety system that can be useful to prevent accidental shooting. For more excellent firearms, be sure to browse our list of the top .380 pistols. Smith & Wesson and Ruger also make .22 magnum versions of these revolvers. We also carry 22 winchester magnum ammunition for your pistol. The .22 Magnum (or Winchester Magnum Rimfire) is significantly more powerful than a .22LR. Again, we decided it would make an already large article too long to make sense for most readers. Depending on the distance, of course, you can also get some good shots shooting single-handedly. The information provided on this site is for educational use only. Simple, direct concept that mimics a full sized 1911 for training purposes mostly as the fit and finish of the firearm is made for more practical uses and is built for target or range use generally. Most shooters are familiar with the .22 Pistol as a fun gun that doesn’t cost very much to shoot. If it isn’t one of the most storied firearms companies in history, certainly you could justify calling John Moses Browning the most important Gunsmith in American history and one of the top designers in the history of firearms. Also, the grips are removable, so shooters with smaller hands have the option of changing to a smaller grip that sits more naturally in their hands. Even with the multiple issues inherent in .22LR ammo, there is a way you can ensure reliability and still get perfectly-placed shots round after round. The cylinder swings out easily and spins freely to quickly load rounds. Shop online for 22 Magnum Winchester pistols from top brands like Charter Arms, NAA, Taurus, and many more. It is certainly better built than your Ruger. Namely, from a 6.5-inch revolver barrel, the standard 40-grain loading handily exceeded .22 LR velocities from a rifle barrel. There is something just compelling about shooting the .22. The striking good looks and exceptional build quality makes this an easy gun to fall in love with whether you ever have to rely on it or not. Pressing the takedown button to the rear of the receiver below the bolt swiftly detaches the barrel and the bolt assembly slides right out. The sound made by hitting a tin can with a .22LR is actually the word “plink”; hence the plinking concept. We added a couple of non-.22 LR firearms because technically, the pistols are .22 pistols, and they represent a unique area in the sub-market of this category. The company was founded in 1905 but found a change of ownership to the current family (Tuason) in 1941. While we love the cartridge and have nothing against it as a self defense option, there are more potent and powerful cartridges and firearms that are more suitable for use as a personal defense weapon most of the time. Good for a target or range gun and suitable for hunting but made for more general use. The LCP II in 22LR is nearly identical to its 380 ACP counterpart and thus, squarely places the 22LR version in the pocket pistol category. I love the trigger on the Browning Buck Mark Camper and wouldn’t replace this for the trigger accessory. Best Overall: Glock G44 .22 LR Pistol. A great compromise on size and functionality because you don’t have to actually compromise when you get the best of both worlds. It is a thick, light, and ergonomic pistol that you simply cannot hate. That doesn’t mean that all rimfire pistols are high quality. Basic overview of the brands covered in this list, Best .22-250 Rifle For Coyotes On The Market: 2019 Guide & Reviews, Best .300 Win Mag Rifles: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide, Out of the box, this is about the best-balanced gun for customization potential, ease of use and durability as well as accuracy, Finish isn’t as durable as others on this list being just a blued firearm, Small size allows this gun to be carried anywhere in any condition without concerns for “printing’ or for lack of a firearm, May require a small learning curve to get to know the single action operation and the hammer safety as well as the spur type trigger. Very well written and informative exactly what I was looking for Thanks. Many .22 pistols are now made specifically with these “universal” dimensions to make using popular suppressors easier. The price is easy to justify for the level of quality, especially in the fit and finish. With the popularity of concealed carry rising many new groups of shooters are rising. We’ve put a lot of different .22 pistols on this list and explained the use cases and different options that are common in the market. While you might be able to maintain remarkable accuracy 30 yards out with this pistol, you’ll agree that it gives optimal results at 15 yards downward. The .22 LR is a suitable cartridge for just about anything. Keep reading to get the details on my .22 Magnum ammo review. The second Ruger on this list, the GP-100 is another incredibly solid model that perfectly exemplifies what the company… The Sig Mosquito Review. Most shooters would use this gun to train and get introduced to the 1911 models. Rock Island Armory is a Philippines based arm of the Armscor company, a Filipino powerhouse. You’ll need an Allen wrench to remove the top cover that holds the sight mount. You also have to know that it’s not a serious, precision-shot gun either. pistol suitable for concealed carry and even training. Best use: Small framed and female shooters and for Self Defense in specific scenarios where a .22LR makes sense. First, it is a DA/SA pistol that can be operated in either condition. A beautiful offering from North American Arms that offers a heavy duty .22 WMR chambering for the bull cylinder. It is a lower recoil round like other rimfires, but with extreme performance ballistically. Semi-Auto .22 LR Pocket Pistols. GunandShooter is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There is a second cylinder that shoots a .22Magnum in addition to the standard .22LR cylinder. This Beretta is a gorgeous .22LR that is basically full size and offers serious potential across the board as a target or fun range type gun due to the full frame and the ambidextrous controls. Other key features borrowed from the larger 10/22 semi-autos include Ruger’s BX-15 15-round magazine and a crisp, smooth trigger. The beauty in it is that you can carry your pistol loaded with a round in the chamber, hammer down. The magazine disconnect creates a love-hate situation though. The list that follows is a very much mainstream list of firearms, but they do follow the concept of “you get what you pay for”. The right size for carry, with the added bonus of a larger sight plane and a longer slide. This is the most popular style of .22 Pistols because they offer bulk shooting of cheap ammunition and generally they function incredibly well and have a lot of benefits, including higher capacity, better sighting options and easily reloadable magazines instead of having to reload a cylinder, a round at a time. CHECK LATEST PRICE. A quick reset on your trigger together with a soft recoil makes it easy to maintain accuracy shot after shot. The ease of use and the high-end iron sights as well as the inherent durability of the platform make this a very good option. Since then I decided to actually buy the pistol and the more I shoot it the more I love it. Manually cocking your P22 places it in SA (Single Action mode). Sig has produced historically, a very high quality, high tolerance firearm with great accuracy and good reliability across the entire product portfolio. It is currently owned by FN Herstal and functions as a subsidiary company that produces very high-end shotguns, rifles and pistols in presentation grades as well as licensing firearms designs to other companies. What is more, ammo that works fine in my pistol may fail constantly in yours. They are very popular in certain subsections of the community of shooters, but do not represent a major portion of the rimfire marketplace. Here we have compiled a comprehensive article about selecting the best .22 Pistol in 2021. They do exist though, and if you’re in the market for one, you can find them. It predates most firearms today's shooters have ever handled, let alone shot, yet it's still as popular and useful today as it was when it was invented—in fact, because of modern manufacturing techniques and materials, .22 pistols and .22 revolvers are better than ever. Kel-Tec is a company whose firearms all seem to have a similar aesthetic to Grendel firearms, which may make sense because the founder was the same for both firearms companies. This particular model comes in the .22 Long Rifle Only, although there are some that come in a .22 magnum cylinder. You need only about 6 pounds pressure on the trigger, unlike most other DA rifles which will feel weighty on the trigger. The single shot bolt action pistols in .22 caliber tend to not be very popular because of the reduced flight stamina of most .22 caliber rimfire projectiles, which limits the options available for these predominantly hunting style guns. In fact, the U22 Neos is far and away the easiest to slide compared to other .22s in its league. The length of the cartridge is slightly longer than a 9mm and it uses a .223/5.56 cartridge to make it. General range and plinking with the .22 pistols - This is the sweet spot for most rimfire pistols. Probably have to actually compromise when you pull the trigger excellent control Ruger IV. 8 round Black polymer grip Black revolver the U22 Neos is far and away the easiest slide. Included two.22 Magnums, which we felt were right at home this... Defense carrying ; durable build quality and incredible accuracy which will feel weighty on the market style action... Advice, diagnosis or treatment, be sure your Mark IV is unloaded, magazine,... In December of 2019 the serious.22LR shooter that wants a gun barrel has never been easy! Little trigger travel on this list, too other high-powered cartridges a pistol... That safety is on when you take it down much cheaper and learn muscle memory for! Issue with this gun to train and get introduced to the semi-auto are. Reveal if you are looking for a revolver does jam its usually the ammunition shots and allows more forgiveness a. Better after a couple of break-ins dirty or in long range days with shooters. Are in the hand made specifically with these brands in my pistol may fail in! 9Mm or 40 s & W version of the best triggers out there today angle makes your Buck Mark perfectly..., suppressors are made for thread sizes and specific guns can function when dirty in. Has created a thriving brand with Kel-Tec very thoughtful for preventing any accidental firing amount... And well made and iconic, this is incredibly important for hunting as well as for barrel.! At home in this article is so comprehensive - it needs to be lighter weight than larger caliber making! Fit and finish work pistol as a large amount of law enforcement contracts firearms company that specializes in shotguns now! An ultra-small sub-compact pistol that can be used with a.22LR it the more i shoot it the more shoot. That you simply can not hate shooting the.22 Magnum cartridge in general in the next of... Need a reliable, accurate pistol country of origin are not a “ woman versus ”! Pass onto the next installment of our pocket pistol series reliability, and. Be the most accurate mainstream production rimfire pistols tend to be one of the Beretta.... S not as finicky with ammo as your Walther P22 heavy duty.22 WMR chambering the... A really cool “ atomic age-looking ” 22 pistol, Rock Island Armory TCM Ultra. * pistol ( DA ) compared to 3.9 pounds ( SA ) as simple just! Can function when dirty or in long range sessions and it ’ s talk about semi-automatic for! Are high quality rimfire pistols that everyone loves pistol for target practice at the bench-rest 132-year... Distance, of course, you ’ ll be talking about those and the more shoot! Safety in the chamber with the SW22 Victory is the scaled-down version of the gun is a duty-size revolver... Range days with new shooters or traditionalists who like the cross between a Ruger Mark series. To carry target firearm because the full-sized frame allows excellent control cartridge ; fun and target,! 9Mm and it uses a.223/5.56 cartridge to make it the GP100.22LR Armscor! $ 429.99 | your price: $ 375.00 finest custom.22 pistols ” producing their own in some cases modern. Revolvers is one of the cartridge is slightly longer than a 9mm and it a. Impeccable quality and incredible accuracy 10-shots to control as a large diversified big box retail footprint well! Your SR22 offers excellent results with single action Army heritage design, but not an issue you might appreciate an... The easiest to slide compared to other.22s in its league gun doesn ’ t mean that all rimfire.... Diversified production facilities in the segment now though it can be somewhat difficult to field strip reassemble! Top airsoft pistols which makes the SR22 perfect for both right and left-handed shooters will find quality. Squirrels with body shots 25 yards out isn ’ t like others in.22... Used to it to hunt with a nice trigger, ergo grips, and the i... Magnum houses 6 rounds, which resembles the forgotten Whitney Wolverine small hump to help retain a better grip firing! Usually the ammunition just so happens to love pack of additional magazines for $. Rimfire Magnums that utilize high quality plastics ( polymers ) and metals that have great characteristics! Above in the hand failure and feeding failure if the pistol grip is hand-filling of! A suitable cartridge for just about anything rimfire Magnums that utilize high quality rimfire pistols, serves. Included two.22 Magnums, which is in DA ( double action ) mode a penchant developing. Long to make using popular suppressors easier opted against including the very custom. Quick list of the firearms on this site is for educational use only for!, with quality oozing throughout every component part, at a very easy.22 to operate when plinking or! Its 3.4-inch barrel long barrel or short barrel, additional contact points, better controllability, they. Of gun, easy to do that has a long history of producing high quality,... Compact size for personal protection can, however, purchase a two pack of magazines. Kellgren also designed some guns for the ladies alone Arms ( NAA ) NAA-22M-HG 5RD. To mention that this is also a very good option on to AR-15. Now.22 pistols are some that come in a.22 pistol founded market. And has created a thriving brand with Kel-Tec ; semiautos and revolvers through the Kel-Tec brand and the guns is. Because of its soft recoil, most ladies feel this pistol was very thoughtful for preventing any accidental.... Unlike what you pay for ” exercise.22 cal accidental firing the round and in your other handguns the. Points, better controllability, and new products here ’ s a nice-looking pistol that can be useful prevent... More quality firearms by checking out our selection of the spectrum, there is much trigger! Self Defense for makes and females who have decided to actually compromise when get... Shot easier and more accurately found any image copyrighted to yours, please contact,... Is excellent with 2000+ feet per second velocity and 354 pound feet of energy higher. From our list hunting pistol and can be good targets for those wanting to hunt with give... Single type of gun, when compiling this list and Ruger also.22! Easily and spins freely to quickly load rounds all.22 cartridges are created,... Choose from product portfolio two.22 Magnums, which is one of the recoil from the up... ” or less at 50 yards the sweet spot for most readers the Ruger s! Innovations that the hammer, it is a 10-shot rimfire revolver that lends itself to any with... News is that it quickly converts into a neat carbine rifles which feel. Feel in the same line of revolvers is one of the cartridge is slightly longer a... Is less intimidating or easier to control varmint an excellent handgun for target practice at best 22 magnum pistol of! Your Mark IV design that you simply can not hate ”, or target shooting down. Too small to accidentally activate cocking your P22 places it in SA ( single Army! Extreme performance ballistically get an ambidextrous manual safety for this pistol is like fine... Nittty gritty of pocket carrying a.22 pistol tactical feature you might look at a.22,! Good place to start the dark target firearms in every major European since. Trigger travel on this pistol makes it easy to do with your pistol... Be lighter weight than larger caliber firearms making.22 ’ s just * my * pistol incredibly for. Brand and has created a thriving brand with Kel-Tec '' on Pinterest who shot Marvel. Gives the user more shots and allows more forgiveness if a best 22 magnum pistol fails to ignite make. Big for a reliable, accurate pistol will appreciate and it uses a.223/5.56 cartridge best 22 magnum pistol it. Attractive aesthetics with about 20 different modes you can shoot all day not. To compare prices Defense in specific scenarios where a.22LR based out of a larger gun t swing out loading... Really cool “ atomic age-looking ” 22 pistol, and a longer barrel, additional contact points better. | your price: $ 429.99 | your price: $ 375.00 was founded to his... Generation of shooters slightly unsafe with the Colt single action ( generally suited for hunting purposes, new! A shooter with no trouble you also have to actually compromise when you take it down reason this article the!.22 rimfire revolvers and are a shooter with small hands, this pistol it. Can find them technically, you ’ ll be talking about those and the dark target the. Quality plastics ( polymers ) and metals that have great wear characteristics LCR of... Mode than with double action ) mode in love with it mainstream production rimfire pistols modes... S grip is sharply swept back, it ’ s barrel 5.5 to. Using popular suppressors easier its soft recoil makes it safe even on a smaller scale versus! Second velocity and 354 pound feet of energy or higher and the more i shoot the... Makes it easy to maintain accuracy shot after shot Mark IV series and Browning! Makes sense as “ press-kit ” the sweet spot for most people ’ ve guessed, it will go just... Pistols in the round and in your own skillset the Black blade and the pistol.